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Music for the Mind

Music for the Mind is a 6-week online workshop for instrumentalists presented by the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation.

This course if free and presented LIVE on Monday evenings, 6-7pm, from March 30 - May 4, 2020. To tune in live via Zoom, click…

Click the links below to access recordings of the workshops and the handouts associated with each workshop.

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Week 1 – Scales and Chords: The Building Blocks of Music 


Week 2 – How to Practice 


Week 3 – How to Improvise, part 1 


Week 4 – How to Improvise, part 2 


Week 5 – Reading rhythms and sightreading 


Week 6 – The 65th Street Klezmorim Presents Klezmorim (Instruments of Klezmer) 

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